T7 FR Tier Lists from Japanese Players

Guides // Tier List // By pets_torrefranca // 08 September 2016

T7 FR Tier Lists from Japanese Players

More and more top players from the Tekken community have been posting their findings, on how well different members of the cast perform against one another. This week, AvoidingThePuddle’s Flying Wonkey has dug up some tweets from 3 Japanese players, regarding tier lists in the game.

Each of these players has come up with their own tier lists which are similar in some respects, but seems to be unanimous amongst them is Steve and Hworang being in the top spot. Some weeks back, I’d seen the same sentiment shared by another player and I’d assumed that that was a very personal opinion. It appears, however, that a lot of players feel this way about the two characters.

The last time Steve could be considered anything close to S Rank was in Tekken 5 days and Hworang’s glory days were last seen in the Tekken 4 era. Could this mean that the game’s system works more akin to those games than the last two ones? Even the likes of Yoshimitsu are being considered high tier and that also hasn’t been seen since early Tekken days. When the game was in its very early stages of development, Harada had stated something along the lines of “With Tekken 7 we want to take Tekken back to its roots” and they’re probably quite successful in that regard, given how some of these characters are being placed.

Also, Akuma does not predominantly top any of these tier lists. As time goes in, it would seem that a lot of his gimmicks are being shut down.

In any case here are the tier lists from the 3 players Ao, RAGE, and Tsubumi.

AO’s Tier List:

S+: Steve, Hwoarang

S:  Bryan, King, Marshall Law

A+: Kazuya, Devil Jin, Xiaoyu, Feng, Akuma, Nina

A: Heihachi, Jin, Dragonuv, Alisa, Lars, Shaheen, Claudio, Josie, Paul, Leo, Lili, Bob, Yoshimitsu

B: Katarina, Jack-7, Asuka

C: Lucky Chloe, Gigas

RAGE’s Tier List:

SSS: Hwoarang

SS: Steve

SS-: Bryan

S: Xiaoyu, Devil Jin, King, Nina, Alisa, Feng

A+: Law, Paul, Claudio, Kazuya, Heihachi

A: Bob, Dragonuv, Shaheen, Kazumi, Yoshimitsu, Jin, Lars, Lili, Katarina

A-: Asuka, JACK-7, Josie

B: Gigas, Lucky Chloe

No Akuma Placing.

Tsubumi’s Tier List:

SS: Hwoarang, Steve

S: Bryan, Marshall Law, King

A+: Kazuya, Devil Jin, Shaheen, Feng, Akuma, Nina, Xiaoyu

A: Alisa, Kazumi, Lars, Claudio, Yoshimitsu, Heihachi, Dragonuv, Josie, Paul, Jin, Lili, Bob, Leo

B: Katarina, Jack-7, Asuka

C: Lucky Chloe, Gigas

Source: AvoidingThePuddle