Update: Capcom Pro Tour Weekend Ranked Tournament Results

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 23 May 2017

Update: Capcom Pro Tour Weekend Ranked Tournament Results
Another weekend has passed and Capcom Pro Tour events were happening all over the planet. A total of three ranking tournaments and an online ranking event simultaneously happened over the weekend from Vietnam to Germany, we got the tournament results below straight from CPT.
Prominent fighters were present in Saigon Cup 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam but it was RB|Bonchan after defeating Xiaobao in the grand finals. Other finalists include Tokido in third place and HotDog29 on fourth. 
1st RB|Bonchan 160 points
2nd Talon|Xiaobao 100 points
3rd ECHO FOX|Tokido 70 points
4th HotDog29 40 points
5th Bonfrog|Yoro 20 points
5th ZOWIE|Oil King 20 points
7th DNG|Tachikawa 10 points
7th RISE|Marn 10 points 
Echo Fox|Justin Wong, on the other hand, dominated Toronto Canada's Toryuken 6. Taking the second spot is Flash followed by OG|Shine on third and EG|K-Brad on fourth place. 
1st ECHO FOX|Justin Wong 160 points
2nd Flash 100 points
3rd OG|Shine 70 points
4th EG|K-Brad 40 points
5th RIZE|Mcsquared2 20 points
5th VastEnd 20 points
7th SPLYCE|Filipino Champ (FChamp) 10 points
7th TOSFHQ|Sin 10 points
FFM|Rumble in Frankfurt, Germany was dominated by Norway's BX3|Phenom after defeating Mouseports|Problem X. Coming in on third is Mister Crimson and NASR|Big Bird in fourth place.
1st BX3|Phenom 160 points
2nd Mousesports|Problem X 100 points
3rd MD|Mister Crimson 70 points
4th NASR|Big Bird 40 points
5th FH|Brickterium 20 points
5th Layo 20 points
7th Millenium|Will2Pac 10 points
7th Cobelcog 10 points
Meanwhile, the Latin America 2 Online Event was dominated by F3|Brolynho followed by AAG|Didimokof on second. Username Pauloweb took the third spot and Umbrella|HKDASH followed on fourth. 
1st F3|Brolynho 160 points
2nd AAG|Didimokof 100 points
3rd Pauloweb 70 points
4th Umbrella|HKDASH 40 points
5th Patoz|Scorpion 20 points
5th Z4_Leonardo 20 points
7th Shades_BR 10 points
7th Pedogore 10 points
PG|Punk still leads the global ranking with 970 points followed by Bonchan with 910 points. check out the rest of the global top 10 in the image below.
Capture of CPT top 10 global
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