Tekken 7 FR Tier List for Ver.H

Guides // Tier List // By pets_torrefranca // 13 February 2017

Tekken 7 FR Tier List for Ver.H

Been a while since we had a tier list ever since the ver. H went live, this list for the current version has definitely put some surprising characters on top.

The latest tier list which was shared recently by Flying Wonkey was made by consulting 20 players from Japan. Have a look at the Tier List below.


The surprising character who raised her ranks to the top in the chart is Ling Xiayou and this is the first time ever we've seen Ling in such high tier list. It could be because of her damage buffs that she got with her generic gameplay where she is very strong in making her opponents to whiff attacks.

The next character is Leo as she was consistently staying in the middle tier for her appearances in previous franchises, now she also got pushed to the top tier.

It is sad to see that Kazuya is moved to S and Heihachi is moved to A, considered how strong they were in the first two patches.

Below are the list of people and their characters used to arrive at the current tier list.

Tekken 7 FR tier list for version H image 2 

Source: Flying Wonkey