Dragon Ball FighterZ Showcased Gohan In Latest Trailer

News // Dragon Ball FighterZ // By pets_torrefranca // 11 October 2017

Dragon Ball FighterZ Showcased Gohan In Latest Trailer
Another character of the upcoming fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ was recently featured by Bandai Namco through a brand new trailer and it's no other than Goku's eldest son Gohan. Like the previous character focus, the video only contains a sneak peek of Gohan's abilities. We can also see the character executing what looks like the ultimate Kamehameha together with father Goku. 
Dragon Ball FighterZ Gohan Trailer Screenshot
Gohan is considered as one of the most powerful Saiyan even though he is not pure-blood. One of the benefits however of being a half Saiyan- half human is the ability to transform into an Oozaru which is a giant ape. Gohan is also the third youngest Saiyan to achieve Super Saiyan transformation at the age of 9. Check out the character trailer below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.    

"Dragon Ball FighterZ Gohan Trailer"

Source: Bandai Namco