Unique DLC Character For Injustice 2 Teased By Ed Boon

News // Injustice 2 // Mortal Kombat XL // By pets_torrefranca // 12 October 2017

Unique DLC Character For Injustice 2 Teased By Ed Boon
A new fighter pack for the critically acclaimed fighting game Injustice 2 which is scheduled to come out later this year will contain "a new character that will surprise everyone" according to Game Director Ed Boon in a recent interview with IGN Brasil. The iconic fighting game creator is attending the Brasil Games Show 2017, he was also asked about the possibility of an Injustice 2 PC version which he neither confirmed nor denied. 
25 Years of Mortal Kombat Logo
Ed Boon also shared information regarding the Mortal Kombat franchise which is currently celebrating its 25 years in the industry. He states that they are discussing the possibility of creating Mortal Kombat games out of the original format in the form of RPG, FPS, or adventure because they do not want to be doing the same game and has found it necessary for a much-needed change in the series, this means that we may be expecting a different type of Mortal Kombat game in the future. Check out Mortal Kombat's 25-year anniversary video below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"25 Years of Mortal Kombat"

Source: IGN Brasil, Mortal Kombat Community