The Deadly Tekken Duo Of Echo Fox Dominates Another Premier Event

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 29 May 2017

The Deadly Tekken Duo Of Echo Fox Dominates Another Premier Event

The two-man Tekken team of Echo Fox has dominated another premier event last weekend by once again taking the top two spots of Combo Breaker 2017. This is the team's second streak after winning last week's Battle Arena Melbourne 9 (BAM 9).

The Echo Fox Tekken team is made up of two players, JDCR and Saint who happens to have been considered as two of the beast if not greatest players in Tekken, the two also happens to be best friends and the greatest rivals in the competitive world of Tekken. This intense rivalry can be observed every time this power duo takes center stage during grand finals wherein both players display some of their most impressive skill which usually results to some of the greatest grand final matches in Tekken 7.

Capture of Saint and JDCR In ComboBreaker 2017 Tekken 7 GF

JDCR's latest victory was a really close call, coming from the losers bracket, JDCR managed to climb up to the top 8 and eventually made it to the Grand Finals where Saint was waiting to give him a beating which he got on the first set. JDCR eventually just like before changed to Dragunov and what follows next hyped up the Combo Breaker crowd as the two rivals exchanged perfects and amazing combos you need to see to enjoy.

Check out the video and Top 8  below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Combo Breaker 2017 Tekken 7 Grand Finals"

Tekken 7 Top 8

1. FOX|JDCR (Dragunov. Heihachi)
2. FOX|Saint (Jack-7)
3. CO|Tanukana (Xiaoyu)
4. Its|P. Ling (Xiaoyu)
5. Echo|BrawlPro (King)
5. BxA|KoDee (Kazuya, Heihachi)
7. Its|Weapon X (Claudio, Katarina)
7. Its|Cuddle Core (Alisa, Xiaoyu)

Source: Bandai Namco Official Fight Channel, Cover Image From Combo Breaker