Update: Final Fantasy VII Remake Back To Square (One)?

News // Final Fantasy VII Remake // By pets_torrefranca // 30 May 2017

Update: Final Fantasy VII Remake Back To Square (One)?

After almost 12 years of development, Final Fantasy VII Remake finally comes back to Square Enix who will take charge of the game's development from now on. Considered as one of the most anticipated game in the series ever since its tech demo was showcased during 2005's E3 convention. The tech demo was originally for the PS3 and it looked awesome during the presentation. Over time, the game has been continuously teased for the last couple of years with no concrete updates.

The game was previously being developed with the help of CyberConnect2 known for developing the Naruto Shippuden series. .hack, and Final Fantasy VII G-Bike for mobile devices.

“Up until now, development has progressed by receiving external collaboration, but from here on out, with production and quality in mind, we’re shifting to our in-house organization. This company decision was made wanting to control quality as well as keeping the schedule stable.” as per Naoki Hamaguchi.

The conflict or issue between CyberConnect2 and Square Enix was never discussed and was only quoted as a "sensitive subject." This development can go both ways, either the game will come out sooner than expected or will go on another "remake." What's sure though is that we will not be seeing Final Fantasy VII Remake hitting stores this year. Maybe another tech-demo will pop-up on this year's E3.

Check out the stream which contained the information below and stays tuned for more gaming news and update

"Mobuis Final Fantasy 2nd Anniversary Stream"

Source: Kotaku, Square Enix