A Quick Look Before Launch: Need For Speed Payback

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A Quick Look Before Launch: Need For Speed Payback
Ghost Games and EA will be launching the latest installment to the epic Need for Speed series called Need for Speed Payback. The franchise has been around for more than two decades and has become a household name when it comes to racing. Need for Speed has created its own identity in video games due to its underground scene and adrenaline pumping car chases with the authorities separating itself from the traditional racing sims in the market. EA has managed to launch more than 20 titles for the series in both mobile and consoles which overtime was observed as being redundant, repetitive, and was lacking some of the necessary offline features. Need For Speed Payback is said to be the product of the Need for Speed community's feedback on the previous game combined with the latest innovation from Ghost Games and EA.
Need For Speed Payback Missions
The story of the upcoming game is pretty straightforward, take down the underground cartel controlling Fortune Valley called The House. This objective can be achieved by participating in Street League events and take down the league's boss. The game will also feature Blockbuster Missions which are a series of heists executed by the game's protagonist and his crew, this new type of gameplay was shown in the game's previous trailers.
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Need For Speed Payback Fortune Valley Map
Fortune Valley will be presented in a huge map complete with different tracks which ranges from desert, city, mountain and much more. This large area will become the playground and the main stage for the game together with its wide selection of customizable cars. The game will also feature a "scrap to stock to supercar" type of customization wherein several vintage/classic cars are scattered throughout the map just waiting to be salvaged. The single-player campaign can now be played offline and the game will once again have the "pause" functionality. 
Need For Speed Payback Screenshot 4
There are still a lot of features yet to be revealed for the upcoming game, and a lot is really what it needs to compensate for the flaws of the previous installments, and based on the gameplay demos and trailers shown since it was announced, there is no doubt that the new Need for Speed is going to be the game that will once again put the franchise back on the map. Check out the launch trailer for the game below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.  


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