A Quick Look Before Launch: Sonic Forces

News // Sonic Forces // By pets_torrefranca // 06 November 2017

A Quick Look Before Launch: Sonic Forces
The latest adventure of Sega's beloved mascot Sonic the Hedgehog called Sonic Forces is scheduled to launch in just a couple of days for all platforms (PC, PS4, XOne, Nintendo Switch),  November 7 to be exact. And as usual, let's take a quick look at the feature and plot of this upcoming game developed by Sega's Sonic Team. 
Sonic Forces Screenshot 1
Sonic Forces follows the resistance formed by Sonic together with his friends against Dr. Eggman who has successfully conquered the entire planet. The mischevious doctor has managed to gather some of Sonic's most iconic nemesis like Shadow the Hedgehog, Zavok, Chaos, Metal Sonic and a new mysterious powerful villain called Infinite.
Sonic Forces Custom Character Screenshot
There are two ways that fans can experience the game, Classic Sonic which is the classic 2D gameplay and Modern Sonic which is a 3D gameplay version. The upcoming game allows players to create and customize their own hero based on their own preferences which are a "first" in the Sonic series. To go with this customization options, the game will offer a wide range of accessories and costumes that the player can acquire throughout the game. The game looks good so far based on the gameplay videos and trailers that were previously uploaded for the game. It is both fast and fun at the same time, check out the gameplay video below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.        

"Sonic Forces Gameplay Trailer"

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