Smash Bros For The Nintendo Switch Leaked?!

News // Nintendo Switch // Super Smash Bros // By pets_torrefranca // 31 May 2017

Smash Bros For The Nintendo Switch Leaked?!

Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch were rumored to be in the works as Screenshots were Leaked in 4chan. The images were not confirmed so there's a possibility that these images were faked but then this is a really good fake.

The Screenshots featured what could be a remastered 3DS stage and couple of images of the for Smash run. YouTuber Nathaniel Bandy made a video of the leaked images and was very excited about the individual target test which was last seen in Smash Bros Melee. The images are currently stirring up the community. We have captured some of the comparison images from NeoGaf below.  Check out the gallery below to view the rest of the images. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.


"SSB for the Nintendo Switch Leaked?!"

Source: Neogaf, Nathaniel Bandy