Bluehole Reveals Ascent: Infinite Realm

News // Ascent: Infinite Realms // By pets_torrefranca // 10 November 2017

Bluehole Reveals Ascent: Infinite Realm
A brand new game was recently announced by PUBG developer Bluehole in South Korea's  annual G-Star trade show. The game is called Ascent: Infinite Realm, a huge multidimensional MMORPG that mixes both machines and magic.It also features Airships, dragons together with five unique classes that the player can choose from.
The game's reveal trailer features some of the game's major features, which includes intense air combat, group quests, explorations, and everyday activities like fishing, farming, and much more. There is still no console-specific information released by the game's developer. Check out the gallery and trailer below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming updates.  

"Ascent: Infinite Realm Reveal Trailer"

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