Qudans Is The 2017 Tekken World Tour Champion

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 13 November 2017

Qudans Is The 2017 Tekken World Tour Champion
In a dramatic turn of events, Qudans another Korean Tekken 7 player has defeated the famed Echo Fox duo of Saint and JDCR in this Year's Tekken World Tour Grand Finals held in San Francisco CA. Qudans who was sent to the losers finals by Saint climbed back up to the grand finals by eliminating JDCR in the losers finals before finally beating Saint on the first set (3-1)giving him a complete reset which eventually led to Saint losing the entire match (3-1). 
Qudans have been considered as a Tekken God and has dominated the entire SEA region in this year's TWT season. He is also considered as the on of the Best Devil Jin players in the entire planet. Check out the grand finals video below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

"TWT 2017 Grand Finals"

TWT Finals Top 8

1. Qudans 
2. FOX|Saint
4. CGG|Tissuemon
5. Circa|JoeyFury
7. PG|Speedkicks
7. NCSS|Jimmy J Tran

Source: Jayrock Gaming  Cover Photo Courtesy of Kyle@ThroughMyKyes