Okami HD Demon Introduction Video Features Yumigami

News // Okami HD // By pets_torrefranca // 22 November 2017

Okami HD Demon Introduction Video Features Yumigami

Capcom has recently uploaded a brand new video related to the re-release of the critically-acclaimed PlayStation 2 game Okami. The short video teaser trailer Introduces some of the game's demons and features a sneak peek at what to expect in the upcoming HD version of the game which launches on December 21, 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. 

The latest video features the main character Amaterasu together with Yumigami busy creating a delicious batch of mochi. Then in an unfortunate turn of events, Yumigami tries to hit our hero with the mallet which started a conflict between the two characters. Check out the latest video below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Okami HD Demon Introduction Trailer"

Source: Capcom Channel