Doom For The Switch Bids Farewell To Its Control And Sound Issues

News // DOOM // By pets_torrefranca // 24 November 2017

Doom For The Switch Bids Farewell To Its Control And Sound Issues

The launch of Doom for the Nintendo Switch has been phenomenal, what was thought was impossible was accomplished by Bethesda's brilliant team of developers. However, like most games, Doom for the Switch has its own share of glitches. The first issue was related to the game's audio which came in the form of occasional loud burst and static during gameplay.

Bethesda was quick to produce a patch for the audio glitch, however, after installing the patch, players were experiencing another issue in relation to the game's handheld controls based on the thread found in Nintendo Support Forums. Player's who were able to download the patch was said to have trouble in the Switch's control sticks not responding in the menu screen. This issue eventually can be fixed by doing a hard reset on the console according to some of the comments on the same thread. Come to think of it, these are just minor issues compared to what some AAA titles experience during launch. For those who are experiencing the said issue, just do a hard reset and everything should be fine. Check out the launch trailer of Doom for the Switch below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"Doom Nintendo Switch Version Launch Trailer"

Source: Nintendo, Reddit