Did SWBFII Brought The Dark Side To The Real World?!

News // Star Wars Battlefront II // By pets_torrefranca // 25 November 2017

Did SWBFII Brought The Dark Side To The Real World?!

The controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II has raised a lot of questions and reactions (mostly violent) related to the way video games are marketed these days. Compared to the past where players only need to pay for a game once, most of the game's in today's generation is built around micro-transactions and paid DLC in order get the full experience of a certain title.

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It was only a matter of time before an outburst from the gaming community took place, it just happens that Star Wars Battlefront II became the instrument that would somehow encourage a call to action to this practice. Just like Star Wars,  the rebels have risen and made their voices heard upon knowing the plans of the Empire.

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Some say that the market for single-player games is dying and multiplayer is the future of gaming or it could also be that multiplayer is more profitable than the narrative-driven single player games. This could be the reason why Nintendo does not need to compete with other game developers, have such a solid community/fanbase and owns six titles out of the top 10 best-selling games of all time. Instead of thinking of profits, the company thinks about the quality of their product and the experience it will bring to its audience.

"Just as Nintendo will severely delay games and leave its release schedule looking anaemic at times in order to ensure quality of its finished products and preserve the value of the IP" - GamesIndustry Biz

Video games have grown to become a multi-billion industry, even the competitive side of it has grown to a level that the Olympic Council of Asia acknowledges it as a proper sport making it part of 2022 Asian Games in China. It has become one of the most profitable side of the entertainment industry generating billions of revenue each year which could possibly be the reason for the sudden rise of microtransactions. 

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To sum up everything, Star Wars Battlefront II is not a bad game, it's the system that needs fixing. The countless hours spent by the developers to create a game worthy of the hype it created is not an easy task. Star Wars Battlefront II is just another casualty in the current business "dark side" practices of gaming. It would be better if companies would just develop a free-to-play game and smother it with microtransactions/loot boxes, just like mobile games. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

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