New Death Stranding Info At TGA?!

News // Death Stranding // By pets_torrefranca // 04 December 2017

New Death Stranding Info At TGA?!

The prestigious annual award-giving event "The Game Awards" which is scheduled to take place this Thursday, December 7, could reveal brand new information about Hideo Kojima's most anticipated project called Death Stranding. This is based on the recent tweets by "The Game Awards" official Twitter page. On December 3, The Game Awards also tweeted that Guillermo Del Toro who appeared in the last trailer as one of Death Stranding's character also going to be one of the presenters in the upcoming event.

The Game Awards Hideo Kojima

The Game Awards Guillermo Del Toro

Putting 2 and 2 together, there's a big possibility that a huge announcement could take place on the event as both Hideo and Guillermo will be presenting. We could only hope that we will be getting an actual gameplay trailer this time and not just another cinematic trailer. Death Stranding is being developed using Guerrilla  Games' proprietary Game Engine called Decima, the same engine that powers the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn. Check out the previous trailer for the game below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.   

"Death Stranding TGA 2016 Premier"

Source: The Game Awards