Here Are The V-System Details For SFV S3 Character Sakura

News // Street Fighter V // By pets_torrefranca // 11 December 2017

Here Are The V-System Details For SFV S3 Character Sakura

The season 3 characters for Street Fighter V has been revealed and one of the very first character to arrive together with the game's Arcade Edition is Sakura. This character first appeared on the iconic 1996 Street Fighter Alpha 2 wearing her school uniform and Chuck Taylor inspired shoes. The character's moveset bears similarity to Ken's and Ryu's, this is due to the fact that both characters served as her inspiration.

Sakura Tengyo Hadoken Screenshot

Sakura will have a new move called Tengyo Hadoken which is similar to Ryu's Hadoken except hers is an anti-air move. The recent reveal also showcased her V-System which is composed of V-Skill, V-Trigger, V-Trigger II, and Critical Art.

Sakura V-Skill Screenshot

V-Skill Haru Kaze

  • Haru Kaze is the name of Sakura's V-Skill where she leaps into the air towards her opponent, this move can be executed in three different options. The first option is by hitting punch which will result in her signature move Sakura Otoshi, hitting the kick button will result in Oukakyaku which is a forward flip which can be considered as a dive kick, and pressing throw will result in Kashinfu which is a command grab.

Sakura V-Trigger 1 Screenshot

V-Trigger I: Haru Arashi

  • Sakura's first V-Trigger called Haru Arashi is a combination of Hadoken and Tengyo Hadoken. Upon activation, the character executes a powerful Hadoken followed by Tengyo Hadoken launching her opponent to the air in the process.

Sakura V-Trigger 2 Screenshot

V-Trigger II: Sakura Senpu

  • The second V-Trigger called Sakura Senpu. Once activated, both the character's hands and feet gets wrapped-up with blue energy, a hit towards her opponent with Sakura Senpu activated will send them airborne, this move can then be canceled by a V-Skill move like Sakura Otoshi or Oukakyaku. This sequence can be executed up to four times before it expires.

Sakura Critical Art Screenshot

Critical Art: Sakura Rain

  • Sakura Rain is inspired by Sakura's past Super Combos. There are two ways that this powerful move is executed and it involves character's range from her opponent. Sakura Rain activated away from her opponent will result in a high-damaging Hadoken, however, if activated at close range, this move will result in a special animation that will deal more damage to her opponent.

Check out Sakura's reveal trailer and move gallery below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 


"Sakura Character Introduction Trailer"

Source: Capcom Unity