Extra Battle Mode For SFV Explained

News // Street Fighter V // By pets_torrefranca // 15 December 2017

Extra Battle Mode For SFV Explained

The official launch of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is almost at hand, and as the game nears its January 16 debut, more information related to the game's new features are being revealed by Capcom. One of the upcoming features is called "Extra Battle Mode."

SFV EBM Challenge Complete Screenshot 

Extra Battle Mode is a monthly event that can be accessed with the use of fight money, the mode, in turn, will feature at least one crossover costume. To acquire the costume, players must complete four challenges in a month (one challenge per week). Each challenge will cost 2,500 fight money, upon completing all four challenges, the crossover costume will be awarded to the player. Capcom has also showcased some of the costumes which will be available during the event, one if which is Rashid in a Viewtiful Joe outfit, Nash in a Captain Commando suit, and Chun-Li in her Star Gladiator inspired dress.

SFV EBM Golden Shadaloo Soldier Challenge

There's also going to be some changes in the way players earn Fight Money, one example of this is the appearance of a Golden Shadaloo Soldier whom once defeated will award the player a decent amount of the in-game currency. Modes which offer one-time Fight Money like character stories, the main story, survival, and demonstrations will not be awarding anymore. New players will be able to receive fight money each time his/her character gains a level. The current Fight Money balance and league points for existing players will not be affected by these changes. And finally, for those who purchased the character pass with real money, they will receive the character's battle costume and 3-10 colors for both the character's standard and battle costumes. Check out the gallery below for more information and stay tuned for more Street Fighter V gaming news and updates.



Source: Capcom Unity