From Admiration To Passion, A First Look At Lost Soul Aside

News // Lost Soul Aside // By pets_torrefranca // 19 December 2017

From Admiration To Passion, A First Look At Lost Soul Aside

First featured during PlayStation's 2016 China Hero Project, Lost Soul Aside has been one of the most promising games showcased during the 2016 event. This one-man project is becoming to be one of gorgeous RPG, but first, let's do a quick overview of the game's history.

"FFXV taught me how to walk and I have to walk my own way" - Yang Bing

Sometime in 2014, a lone developer was inspired by Final Fantasy XV. This inspiration turned into admiration and passion. The developer created a demo using the epic RPG as a model. 2 years later, he presented his work and got the accolades it deserves. Moving forward, a gameplay of the ARPG was showcased during this year's PSX event and the game has really improved since its first demo. With Sony backing up the project, Lost Soul Aside is a great example of admiration turned to passion and that in the gaming industry, everything's possible. Check out the PSX gameplay and the first trailer for the game below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Lost Soul Aside PSX 2017 Demo"

"Lost Soul Aside Trailer"

Source: Bing Yang