The Fight Continues In KOF Destiny Episode 21

News // The King of Fighters XIV // By pets_torrefranca // 22 December 2017

The Fight Continues In KOF Destiny Episode 21

After the reveal of King's side story, The King of Fighters Destiny Episode 21 continues with Terry's and Kyo's Team still trapped in the labyrinth inside Rugal Bernstein's ship. Athena finally senses the source of the black crystal and informs Kyo through her telepathic abilities that it's connected a generator to enhance its power. As Kyo and his team come close to finding and destroying the evil contraption, Ryo and Robert gets consumed by its power and stands in the team's way.

Check out the latest episode of SNK's CGI interpretation of their epic fighting game series. Stay tuned for more King of Fighters news and updates.

"KOF Destiny Episode 21"

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