Ultra Davids SFV Tier List

Guides // Tier List // By pets_torrefranca // 12 October 2016

Ultra Davids SFV Tier List

We’re only a few months away from the Capcom Cup finals and all strategies will be tested during that time. It’s been a pretty interesting road since SFV had released, with all kinds of opinions and theories about the game in competitive play. When the game had first come out a handful of the community stressed that Ken was a low tier character, but constant tournament showings have proved otherwise.

One thing’s for sure though and it’s that Chun Li is a powerhouse who’s effectiveness in a game cannot be denied. So with the first year of SFV drawing to a close, all bets are off and at this point, it’s all about how well the players adapt with the information they have.

David Graham AKA ‘Ultra David’ however has shared his own tier list via twitter. The commentator, in fact, shares 3 variations of a tier list going over a traditional vertical list, a list that differentiates between stable and unstable characters and finally what characters do well if you just want to party.

Here are the 3 tier charts in image and text format.

Traditional Chart


Chun Li


Karin, Mika, Ken, Charlie, Cammy, Ryu, Urien, Necalli


Alex, Vega, Fang, Balrog, Dhalsim, Rashid, Guile, Ibuki, Laura, Birdie


Zangief, Juri, Bison


Stable VS Unstable

Stable Strong

Chun Li, Cammy, Ken, Urien, Karin, Ryu, Charlie, Necalli, Guile, Rashid

Unstable Strong

Ibuki, Alex

Mid Strong

R. Mika

Stable Weak


Unstable Weak

Balrog, Fang, Dhalsim, Bison, Juri, Zangief

Mid Weak

Birdie, Laura

“Can Play Like a Nut Well” VS “Can’t Play Like a Nut Well”

Can Play Like a Nut Well


Rashid, Cammy, Chun Li

Dhalsim, Karin, Necalli, Urien


Balrog, Alex, Vega, Charlie, Ibuki

Can’t Play Like a Nut Well

Ryu, Mika, Laura

Birdie, Juri, Bison, Fang

Zangief, Guile

Source: UltraDavid Twitter