Blood Tears Explained In Latest Code Vein Update

News // Code Vein // By pets_torrefranca // 29 December 2017

Blood Tears Explained In Latest Code Vein Update

New information related to Bandai Namco's upcoming hardcore post-apocalyptic ARPG Code Vein was revealed recently and it focuses on an important element of the game called Blood Tears. Produced by plants called Blood Tear Springs, Blood Tears are considered as lifelines for Revenants who constantly crave for human blood as it can satisfy such thirst by simply ingesting the liquid inside the fruit.

"Blood Tears grown on Blood Tear Springs. It is said that when the world was covered in a red mist and the Revenants were in danger of being destroyed, these Blood Tear Springs suddenly appeared" - Code Vein Through Gematsu

Blood Tear Springs, however, will not be that easy to find in the game as these plants are withering due to the spread of Miasma. Though this is the case, the main protagonist of the game has the ability to regenerate the plants by giving up his own blood. And speaking of abilities, another unique ability of the protagonist is that he can access/relive crystallized memories of both living and deceased Revenants. Check out some of the images below for more information and stay tuned for more Code Vein news and updates.  


Source: Gematsu