Fursan And vSlash eSports Joins The Fight!

News // Esports // Middle East // By pets_torrefranca // 28 July 2019

Fursan And vSlash eSports Joins The Fight!

The Middle-East FGC has been getting bigger and growing faster each year, this can be observed in the number of players who participated in our previous tournament. Players who fought head-to-head with some of the finest players we challenged and invited to the previous events. In relation to this, we are proud to announce and welcome two of the newest professional teams who entered the middle-east fighting game community; Fursan eSports and vSlash eSports.

Fursan Sponsored Players

Fursan eSports is a professional fighting game club which is a spawn of the UAE FGC itself. The club now has two top Korean players under their flagship, Tekken 7 specialist LowHigh and the 2017 OUG Tournament SFV champion Verloren.

vSlash Player Frezzer

vSlash eSports is a locally based team who has three of the best middle-eastern fighters under their flagship two of which specializes in both KOF XIV and SFV. Freezer who is originally from Morocco has been competing in several countries including China where he took 1st place in SFV(10V10) and 2nd for KOFXIV.

vSlash Player White AshX

White-AshX is a KOFXIV and SFV specialist who has been competing professionally not only in Asia but in the US and UK as well. He's among the Top 5 KOFXIV finalist for EVO 2017, and UK's Revolution 2017's KOFXIV champ. He also took 2nd place for KOFXIV during last year's OUG Tournament where he competed against EVO 2017 champ ET in the grand finals.

vSlash Player Violence

Violence is a KOFXIV specialist who has also won multiple tournaments under his belt. Some of these tournaments include the East Coast Throwdown 2017 and Summer Jam 2017 in New Jersey where he emerged as overall Champion.

With these new teams, 2018 is going to be a great year for the Middle-East FGC. We welcome both teams and hope to see them in our tournament this year which is going to be bigger than the last.        

Source: vSlash, Fursan