Here's The Updated Ranking Of Our FGC

Tournament // Ranking // Middle East // By pets_torrefranca // 24 January 2018


As we begin a brand new year, we would like to acknowledge all the players who participated in our OUG tournament last year, including the ones held by our affiliates through our very own FGC Rankings. Listed below are some of the best players in their own disciplines, these e-sport athletes have worked hard in order to achieve the rank that they're in right now.

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OUG Player Ranking

But as our community grows bigger, new challengers and talents are also emerging, thus anyone can always outrank the best players on our current list. And just like the launch trailer of Dragon Ball FighterZ says, "Many Fight But Only A Few... Are FighterZ."    

Click on this LINK to view the complete list of players by rank and discipline.