Monster Hunter/SFV Collaboration Revealed!

News // Street Fighter V // By pets_torrefranca // 25 January 2018

Monster Hunter/SFV Collaboration Revealed!

To celebrate and entice Monster Hunter fans towards the new and improved Street Fighter V, Capcom has recently announced three new crossover costumes which can be earned through Extra Battle Mode. The three characters who will be getting the costumes include Ken who will be getting Rathalos' costume, R. Mika who will get the Zinogre costume, and Ibuki who will get the Kirin costume. The schedules for the events can be viewed through the table below together with a refresher points of how the extra battle mode works.

Extra Battle Mode Overview

  • Each costume requires you to complete four challenges that take place over the span of a month – one challenge per week.
  • Each time you attempt one of these challenges, you must spend 2,500 Fight Money. In other words, if you successfully complete each of the weekly challenges in one go, you can get that Extra Battle Costume for 10,000 FM!
  • Once you complete all four challenges, the costume for that month is yours!
  • These challenges are time exclusive, so make sure to log in each week to complete them, especially if you have your eyes on that month’s unique costume.

SFV X MH collaboration Extra Battle Mode Schedule for Ken

SFV X MH collaboration Extra Battle Mode Schedule for R.Mika

SFV X MH collaboration Extra Battle Mode Schedule for Ibuki

Monster Hunter World and Street Fighter V are two of Capcom's biggest games for 2018. Check out the trailer for both games below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.


"SFV Arcade Edition Trailer"

"MHW Trailer"

Source: Capcom Unity, Monster Hunter