Update: Upcoming Tekken 7 Patch Overview

News // Tekken 7 // By pets_torrefranca // 08 June 2017

Update: Upcoming  Tekken 7 Patch Overview

Tekken 7 will be getting its very first patch soon and Bandai Namco has shared the details of the upcoming update. The PC version of the game already received its security and Denuvo update and by the end of the week, PS4 will receive an online stability, matchmaking, and other bugs fix update which will be available to PC and Xbox One on the following week.

Bandai Namco was quick to address the what seems to be the only main issue of the game which involves online play. Some of the errors encountered by the players include losing connection on the opponents side, session connectivity, unable to join a session, and cannot find a session. Hopefully, all of this will be addressed next week. In the meantime check out the video below which is an introduction to sidestepping.

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"Introduction To Effective Sidestepping"

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