Warframe Gets Two New Eidolons In Its latest Update

News // Warframe // By pets_torrefranca // 08 February 2018

Warframe Gets Two New Eidolons In Its latest Update

Two new Eidolons will be roaming through Warframe's massive Eidolon fields this week in the form of the Gantulyst who has an enormous boulder for an arm and the toxic Hydrolyst as the Shrine of the Eidolon update goes live. Tennos who can take down this massive Titans will have the chance to obtain Riven Transmuters which can transmute four Riven mods of the same type into a brand new Riven. The update will give Tennos the ability to hijack and drive the Grineer's Dargyn (airborne assault vehicle).

Eidolons are Titans who wander over the fields of Cetus, the first Eidolon called the Teralyst came with game's Fields of Eidolon update and has been one of the most hunted creatures by the Tennos who are powerful enough to endure its deadly attacks. Taking down an Eidolon will provide players a variety of unique rewards such as resources and rare weapon mods.  The addition of the two new Eidolons will surely bring a brand new challenge for all the Tennos out there. Check out the trailer and gallery below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.


"Warframe Shrine Of Eidolon Trailer"

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