Can Side Tourneys Influence Next Year's EVO Line-Up Selection Process?

Tournament // EVO // Esports // By pets_torrefranca // 11 February 2018

Can Side Tourneys Influence Next Year

The EVO 2018 games line-up was recently revealed and two of last year's games will not be included in this year's line-up. The King of Fighters XIV and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 which was replaced by the recently launched Dragon Ball FighterZ and the upcoming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Amidst the changes in the line-up,  some of the members of the FGC especially the UMVC3 community are disappointed with the line-up. One possibility for this recent change is the launch of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is basically the newest version to come out of the Marvel vs Capcom series.

The selection process for the EVO line-up is not just based on the number of votes from polls, it needs to have the blessing from the publisher and developer, which sometimes they don't get, according to a tweet by Mark Julio (global head of business development for Evo). Which brings us back to UMVC3 which has been with EVO for the longest time and already has a strong fan base, against the new version which the publisher has been promoting for quite some time now.

It could possibly have boiled down to this scenario; EVO has always been about the FGC, MVCI cannot replace UMVC3, publishers want the new version to be accepted, permission is not given to EVO for UMVC3, EVO removes UMVC3, and the Marvel vs Capcom community now has to prove which game has the biggest following, or the huge UMV3 community can just accept and support MVCI for it to be included in next year's line-up.

Veteran FGC commentator James Chen Tweeted that "Boycotting" EVO is not the solution and that throwing in a huge side-tourney can bring a title back to the line-up. There's a possibility that this could work, however, the UMVC3 community needs to embrace MVCI first and it developers could probably connect with the community as well to improve the new version. A transition is not easy, but the FGC is a strong and solid community, EVO has been one of its biggest foundations and boycotting the event is like boycotting the entire community. This is just an opinion on the FGC's current event, It is in our best interest as a member of the FGC to have a bigger and united community where we can all celebrate our interest and love for the genre.

Source: Mark Julio, James Chen, EVO