What Critics Think Of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

News // Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet // By pets_torrefranca // 23 February 2018

What Critics Think Of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

The latest video game installment from the Sword Art Online franchise will make its way to both retail and digital stores today. The new entry will feature realistic and heroic gunplay, unreal visuals, friend or foe feature, and for the first time, the game will be available to the Xbox One console. Fans of the series have anticipated this installment for quite a while now, but for those who are new to the series, let's take a quick look on the first wave of reviews from some of the gaming industry's most respected critics.

"Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is easily the most polished Sword Art Online game to date, but it's also one of the least imaginative." - Push Square 6/10

The game is currently having an average score of 60/100 from the combined critical consensus of 6 critics. The game was praised for it's for its fluid PVP gameplay and improved graphics compared to the previous installments, however, the overall experience was described as " bland and monotonous" due to the game's unbalanced difficulty and repetitive gameplay. The necessity of Grinding is also present in the game and those who do not enjoy such task might as well stay away from this game.

"A good tie-in of the original anime series, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a solid JRPG, a bit repetitive and with the difficulty not well balanced." IGN Italia 7.8/10

All in all, Sword Art Online: Fatal bullet has some flaws when it comes to the experience it brings to the player. Hardcore fans of the series will have no problem with this flaws, but it seems that the game will have difficulty in gaining new players. Check out the launch trailer for the game below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.    

"Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Launch Trailer"

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