Fighting EX Layer Launch Characters And Date Revealed

News // Arika // By pets_torrefranca // 26 February 2018

Fighting EX Layer Launch Characters And Date Revealed

Arika's long-awaited fighting game called Fighting EX Layer will soon be hitting the PlayStation Store by the end of June. A physical and a Steam version of the game will be considered if the digital version will be successful. The information was revealed during a recent live stream by Arika themselves. Another new development is the announcement of Shadowgeist, one of the most notable characters from Street Fighter EX2.

Arika will feature two versions of the game; a standard version that will include 15 Gougi decks and 12 characters for $59.99 and a light version that includes 5 Gougi Decks with 12 Characters for $39.99. The game will not support legacy controllers at launch, a single player option will be available but it won't be in a story mode form, and the development team will be prioritizing in bringing back the original cast before focusing on new characters. Check out the gallery below for the character bios announced by the studio together with the complete live stream.  Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.


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