Metal Gear Survive Has A Derogatory Secret Message?!

Video // Metal Gear Survive // By pets_torrefranca // 27 February 2018

Metal Gear Survive Has A Derogatory Secret Message?!

Metal Gear Survive has surely made a controversial launch this month, aside from the poor performance reviews and criticisms about the game's microtransactions, there seems to be a secret derogatory message in the game which is directed to Kojima Productions and to the game's producer. The message was discussed through one of YongYea's video, a famous YouTuber who creates videos discussing games in a balanced and unbiased manner, the video now has gotten more than 327,000 views with over 22K likes and counting.

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Metal Gear Survive Derogatory Message

The said message is displayed in one of the cutscenes of the game where it shows a list of agents in the field, whether they're AWOL of MIA. the said message can be read as from "Vengeful Mosquito" then it the first letter of the last names on the list will tell the rest. check out the video below to get the full message and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Derogatory Message in Metal Gear Survive"

Source: YongYea