Hunt Down The Anjanath In MHW To Craft Aloy's Armor Set

News // Monster Hunter World // By pets_torrefranca // 28 February 2018

Hunt Down The Anjanath In MHW To Craft Aloy

Starting today up to March 15, 2018, hunters will have the opportunity to craft Aloy's Armor Set and Bow from Horizon Zero Dawn in Monster Hunter World. But the quest in hand won't be easy as the Nora tribe chief will be requesting players to hunt down the giant Anjanath in the Ancient Forest. For those who have played Horizon Zero Dawn, the Anjanath bears resemblance to the Thunderjaw which is one of HZD's most iconic machines.

Upon completing the quest, players will obtain the Nora Brave Trophy which is the main key to crafting Aloy's bow and armor set. Male hunters who equip the armor set will have their appearance change to Aloy's. Participants of the event need to have a Hunter Rank 11 or higher as the Anjanath is at a certain level that many players have yet to encounter as per the game's producer. Check out the trailer for the fear below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.    

"MHW X HZD Collaboration Trailer"

Source: PlayStation Blog, Monster Hunter