Here Are Price And Content Details For The FFXV Royal Pack

News // Final Fantasy XV // By pets_torrefranca // 06 March 2018

Here Are  Price And Content Details For The FFXV Royal Pack

Launching today is the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and the Final Fantasy Royal Pack for players who have the base game. Not to be confused with Final Fantasy Royal Edition, the Royal Pack only includes the new contents featured in the Royal Edition and does not include the Season Pass. Purchasing the Royal Pack will give players access to the following features;

  • Insomnia City Ruins - new map leading straight to the game's climactic end
  • First-Person View - mode allowing players to see Eos through Noctis's eyes
  • Armiger Unleashed - powered-up combat mode, Royal Cruiser - open-sea exploration, new fishing spots, and recipes
  • Regalia Type-D - new acquisition and enhancement quests
  • additional trophies.

Players who purchase the Royal Pack and owns both the base game and the entire Season Pass will have the equivalent of the Royal Edition. The Royal Pack is currently live in the UK, AUS $22.95/22.75, UAE$18.99, NZ $23.95, JP ¥2,160, UK £11.99, FR €14,99, and DE €14,99 PlayStation and Microsoft Stores respectively. The pack is priced at $14.99 for the US, however, the store postings are still not available. Check out the trailer for the Royal Edition below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"FFXV Royal Edition Trailer"

Source: PlayStation Store, Reddit, Final Fantasy XV