SNK Heroines Story, Customization And Other Details Revealed!

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SNK Heroines Story, Customization And Other Details Revealed!

Details for the upcoming all-female tag team fighting game from SNK called SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy has been revealed by the game's Producer Yasuyuki Oda and Designer  Kaito Soranaka, together with Nippon Ichi Software America Producer Toshi Beppu and Senior Product Marketing Manager Travis Shrodes in a recent interview with Gematsu. The details include some basic overview of the upcoming game's various features which we compiled below.

SNK Heroines Features

  • Costumes
    • The game will have a costume customization feature
    • Each character will have three default costumes
    • Custom character creation will not be available
  • Character Customization
    • Accessories and Costumes of each character are customizable
    • Battle Voices are also customizable
    • Character poses and backgrounds are changeable when taking screenshots and will include a sticker option
    • Screenshots are only available in Customize mode, battle screenshots will not be an option
  • Story Mode
    • A regular Story Mode will feature seven stages
    • The player must choose two characters (an Attacker and a Supporter)
    • Character interactions will depend on the two selected characters
    • Each Story ending will depend on the main character or  Attacker
  • Other Features
    • Aside from Story and Customization Mode, the game will feature other modes which are featured in the previous KOF titles.
    • Non-KOF characters will be featured
    • Both characters will share a single HP bar and will have separate SP Bars
    • A special move called Dream Finish is required to win a match, If a character's HP is very low, each attack will just result in a Stun until the Dream Finish connects
    • The Game controls are divided into Low attacks, high attacks, and special buttons similar to the button mechanics of SSB
    • The game will feature an Air Dash System
    • Normal character switching will have no limit but switching during combos will consume some of the character's SP and switching can only be done once.
    • The game will not have native 4K but will be optimized for the PRO

Check out the latest trailer for the game below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Alternate Costumes Trailer"

Source: Gematsu, PlayStation