Sony Updates Patent On Backwards Compatibility

News // PlayStation 4 // By pets_torrefranca // 07 March 2018

Sony Updates Patent On Backwards Compatibility

We all know that Sony has not been so keen on looking into the backward compatibility feature of the PlayStation console. Until now, if someone wants to play old games, he must either have an older PlayStation console compatible with the game or have an active PS Now subscription for streaming. But to think that Sony has already dismissed the notion of having the feature into their next console might be an overstatement as the company has recently updated one of their patents for backward compatibility. The patent with the heading "Backward Compatibility Testing of Software In A Mode That Disrupts Timing" was filed in November 2015 by Mark Cerny and David Simpson has been published last month.

This may or may not indicate that the next console will have the capability of running PlayStation 4 or older software but its great to know that the company is listening to its customers. Its hard to dismiss the fact that there are still a lot of gamers who want to play their old games they collected over the years and having to play them using only a single console without paying for a subscription will be a very much welcome feature that will strengthen the PlayStation brand more than ever. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

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Source: PSU, FPO