Infiltration And Knee Dominates Final Round 2018

Tournament // Results // Esports // By pets_torrefranca // 19 March 2018

Infiltration And Knee Dominates Final Round 2018

Final Round 2018 hosted the first Master and Premier Tournament of the year for two of the FGC's biggest titles, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The event was participated by some of the most prominent eSport athletes on the planet, but in the end, two eventually emerged as champions for both titles.

Final Round 2018 Tekken 7 Champ Knee

The finals first Master event for Tekken 7 was a head to head battle between two of the most notorious rivals in the competitive world of fighting games; ROX|Knee and FOX|JDCR. Both players brought their A-game with their best mains, however, Knee was anxious to finish the match early by not giving JDCR a chance to reset the bracket defeating him during the first set (3-1). Local team Fursan's LowHigh is also part of the top 8 but was eliminated by Anakin during the semi-finals. On the other hand,

Final Round 2018 SFV:AE Champ Infiltration

Street Fighter V's first Premier event was a showdown between two EVO champions; Tokido and Infiltration. Evo Champ 2017 Tokido coming from the Losers Bracket hungry for a comeback after his Winners Finals defeat from EVO 2016 Champ Infiltration managed to reset the bracket with his iconic character Akuma, however, Infiltration's Menat finally sealed the entire event in a 3-1 victory. Local team's Fursan|Verloren also made it to the Losers finals but was eliminated by Tokido grabbing Third Place during the event. Check out the Grand finals and the rest of the Top 8 for each tournament below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Tekken 7 Final Round 2018 Grand Finals"

Tekken 7 Top 8
1. ROX|Knee
3. FOX|Saint
4. ROX|Chanel
5. RB|Anakin
5. Kkokkoma
7. Fursan|LowHigh
7. ITS|Lil Majin

"SFV Final Round 2018 Grand Finals"

SFV Top 8
1. PG|Infiltration
2. FOX|Tokido
3. Fursan|Verloren
4. Gachikun
5. Liquid|Nemo
5. NuckleDu
7. DATA|Neon
7. FD|Fujimura

Source: Capcom Fighters, Jayrock Gaming