Spiderman PS4 E3 2017 Trailer Shows A Lot Of Negative Footage

News // Spiderman // By pets_torrefranca // 13 June 2017

Spiderman PS4 E3 2017 Trailer Shows A Lot Of Negative Footage
Brand new gameplay footage of the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive game Spiderman. Announced during last year's E3, this upcoming video game interpretation by Insomniac games now boasts a full action gameplay sequence and it looks amazing.
The trailer starts off with our hero arriving in one of the King Pin's buildings wherein a hostile takeover is currently taking place. This part demonstrates spiderman's sneaking capabilities in taking out his enemies. Then as the video progressed, we can see the different types of things our protagonist can do with his web as he faces off the first mini-boss of the scenario. Web slinging is demonstrated as one of the essential tools in Spiderman's arsenal which interacts smoothly with the environment together with the seamless transition from cinematics to actual gameplay. 
After defeating the mini-boss, he then faces the boss of the attackers Martin Li also known as Mr. Negative. From this scene on, the game is filled with footage of Mr. Negative and Spiderman presented in scenes triggered by quick time events. which ends in an easter egg or maybe a teaser inside a trailer by showing Miles Morales who also happens to be Spiderman who first appeared in 2011 in Ultimate Fallout #4. Which leaves us thinking about the game's plot, who invaded who's universe? was it Miles Morales? or is this a prequel to Spiderman's death which will result in Mike Morales's taking over Peter Parker's role? That we can find out in 2018 when the game launches. Check out the Trailer below and stay tuned for more gaming news and 

"Spiderman E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer"

Source: Marvel, Insomniac