Could It Be That Kratos Is Looking For Tyr The Norse God Of War?

News // God of War // By pets_torrefranca // 16 June 2017

Could It Be That Kratos Is Looking For Tyr The Norse God Of War?
The latest E3 2017 trailer for the upcoming installment of the God of War series showcased another intense battle sequence between Kratos and everything that stands in his way. It also provides an overview of what looked like a journey that both Kratos and his son need to perform or accomplish. 
It seems that this father and son journey is either to avoid the Norse gods or it could be that Kratos is looking for Tyr who's the Norse's God of War. There's also a scene wherein the Jörmungandr or the world serpent who is the love child of Loki and Angrboða offered its assistance to them. There's also another scene in which his son discussed himself being cursed. Which opens another possibility of the purpose of their journey.  
Kratos now wields an ax instead of his iconic Blades of Chaos. He's also using a shield for both defense and offense. Overall The God of War is still one of the best hack and slash game that's coming soon to the PlayStation Platform. 
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