Tekken 7's Color Coded Rage Quitting Penalties Explained

Guides // Tekken 7 // By pets_torrefranca // 24 June 2017

Tekken 7
Now that Tekken 7's online issues were already addressed through a series of patches for all platforms, let's take a look at certain penalties imposed to those who just can't contain their rage within a match. Rage quitting is one of the most annoying practices held by some players who just can't handle to face defeat. Tekken 7 just like any another game has a penalty for this type of behavior. 
Capture of T7 Rage Quitting Warning
There are three stages of penalties for rage quitters in Tekken 7. The first is a Warning which is a message that will pop-up when a match is disconnected, the message is a reminder telling the player that a penalty will be imposed for not completing a match. 
Disconnecting or ending the game early a couple of times will change the color of the player's username to YELLOW which indicates that the player is practicing Rage quitting. The third and final penalty will change the color of the player's username to RED which indicates that the player is someone who regularly practices rage quitting. 
So what do you think, is Tekken 7 penalty enough to scare those rage quitters? 
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Source: TekkenGamer