KOF XIV World Championship Announcement

Tournament // News // By pets_torrefranca // 11 December 2016

KOF XIV World Championship Announcement

As two global fighting game tournaments see their conclusions, yet another one emerges to crown a worthy champion. The hosting game this time is none other than SNK’s own, King of Fighters XIV.

The format will differ from Tekken 7’s and SFV’s arrangements since this KOFXIV championship will conclude in less than 3 months. Also, the finalists will not consist of 32 players or even 8, but just four who will battle it out to become the supreme champion of KOFXIV. Here are the details for the events.

The KOF XIV World Championship ‘Four Kings’ Tournament, will take place first and will feature top 16 players, who will be selected based on previous tournament qualifiers or invitations. These 16 players will compete against one another, to secure a spot as one of the ‘Four Kings’ for the final tournament. The ‘Four Kings’ Tournament will take place on Japanese soil, on February 18th, 2017.

Further announcements will be made about the tournament as time passes, but one thing to note however is that, if a player who had previously qualified for the ‘Four Kings’ Tournament scores a win at one of the later qualifying events, the player who took second place at that tournament, will get a spot at the ‘Four Kings’ Tournament.

Finally, there’s the KOF XIV World Championship Grand Finals, which will take place in Beijing, China during mid-March (no set date as of yet). The players that were able to attain spots for the ‘Four Kings’ Tournament, will then duke it out for cash prizes (among others) and the prestigious title of best in the world for KOF XIV!

Accommodation and transportation for these events will be handled by SNK. So if you’re a KOF XIV fan, this might be your time to shine and to show support towards your game of choice.

Source: SNK Official Website