What Critics Are Saying About Far Cry 5

News // Far Cry 5 // By pets_torrefranca // 29 March 2018

What Critics Are Saying About Far Cry 5

Ubisoft's latest installment to their critically acclaimed Far Cry series went live recently in the form of Far Cry 5. The latest title is considered to be the biggest in the series with four of Ubisoft's studios from different countries assisting its Montreal studio to create this epic game. The game was reviewed by more than 60 critics and as usual, let's take a quick look at what they have to say about the game.

"Far Cry 5 is a chaos simulator with a preposterous story, tons of quality of life improvements over past games and an enormous amount of content. It's a blast if you let yourself just accept the silly premise and not invest too much in the politics of the game, or lack thereof." - Forbes 9/10

Far Cry 5 currently has a decent Metascore of 81/100 composed of 57 positive and 10 mixed response from 67 critics. In the player's section, however, the game currently has a 7.3 user score composed of 202 positive, 19 mixed, and 65 negative responses from users. The game is getting accolades for its contents and improvements while 65 of the players who gave a negative feedback rant about the game's predictability, dumb A.I, and bad driving.

"The new features, updates and overall expansion of scope in Far Cry 5 help separate it from other titles, but even though this is arguably the best entry since Far Cry 3, it might be too similar for people burnt out on the franchise" - Hardcore Gamer 4/5

All in all, Far Cry 5 will never be as great as Far Cry 3, however, the game has newly improved features, contents, and a story that will keep any fan of the series busy for hours. Check out IGN's video review and the game's launch trailer below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.    

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