Last Minute Main Change Secured Fursan Esports First TWT Win

Tournament // Results // Esports // By pets_torrefranca // 09 April 2018

Last Minute Main Change Secured Fursan Esports First TWT Win

Local FGC Club Fursan Esports scores big after the team's Tekken 7 specialist LowHigh dominated TWT's challenger event in the recently concluded Beast Arena Hong Kong 2018. This is the first TWT win for the local team since the tour launched last month. LowHigh managed to secure the victory by making a last minute "Main" change during the Grand Finals after he and his Main Shaheen took a 3-1 punishment from Yamasa|Take's Kazumi who managed to reset the bracket.

Take Punishing LowHigh during the first set

Take's defense was undoubtedly good during the match, but LowHigh was quick to analyze the situation forcing him to do a "Main" change from Shaheen to Law in order to counter and penetrate Take's defensive gameplay which is something that he failed to execute with Shaheen's limited moveset. His strategy worked like a charm as Law's agility and various moveset combination broke Take's game producing an exact reverse of the first set's result.

LowHigh Sealing his Victory

Other finalists include FOX|JDCR on third, Yamasa|Nobi on fourth, Kkokkoma/UYU|Qudans on fifth, and PBE|AK/PBE|Doujin on seventh. LowHigh managed to earn 150 points during the event elevating his TWT Global Leaderboard standing from number 9 to number 4 with 240 points. Check out the Grand Finals below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

Congratulations LowHigh And Fursan Esports!

"Beast Arena Hong Kong 2018 Tekken 7 Grand Finals"

Beast Arena Hong Kong Tekken Top 8
1. Fursan|LowHigh
2. Yamasa|Take
4. Yamasa|Nobi
5. Kkokkoma
5. UYU|Qudans
7. PBE|Doujin

Source: Team Spooky