Super Akouma Wins TWT Challenger Event At KBR2018, VSlash Dominates KOF XIV

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 15 April 2018

Super Akouma Wins TWT Challenger Event At KBR2018, VSlash Dominates KOF XIV

Crazy|Super Akouma has dominated the recently concluded TWT Challenger event at KBR2018 after an intense grand finals match against NASR|Tekken_Master. Both Grand Finalists mains two of Tekken's most iconic guest/crossover characters with Akuma for Super Akouma and Geese Howard for NASR|Tekken_Master, seeing both Tier A characters during the Grand Finals of a TWT event is a fresh sight indeed.

Crazy|Super Akouma coming from the Winners Bracket faced NASR|Tekken_Master who managed to climbed back up to the Grand Finals after having been sent by Super Akouma himself to the losers bracket. NASR|Tekken_Master managed to reset the Bracket (3-2) however, Crazy|Super Akouma brought more than his "A-Game" during the second set making sure that he wins the crown beating NASR|Tekken_Master in a 3-1 victory.

Local Team VSlash participated in the tournament and has dominated KOF XIV after VSlash|Freezer defeated VersusKSA|Buster Wolf in the Grand Finals. The team managed to get the second and third place on SFV with Freezer on second and Zantetsu on third. In Super Smash Bros, Vslash|Snack also managed to get the second spot.

Check out the grand finals below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"TWT Challenger Event Grand Finals KBR2018"

Kuwait Battle Royale 2018 Tekken Top 8
1. Crazy|Super Akouma
2. NASR|Tekken_Master
4. KSA O.T.W|MD-Luffy
5. KSA|Adawi
5. KSA|CallMeNoob
6. KSA|Broly
7. KSA|Wasfi

Kuwait Battle Royale 2018 SFV Top 8
1. aziz
2. vslash|frezzer
3. vslash|zantetsu
4. effendix
5. dookhy
5. The Doc
7. Coco|RKB
7. RT|Broken_wing

Kuwait Battle Royale 2018 DBFZ Top 8
1. 6p_hayat
2. AXG|Tyrant
3. 6p|deadfish
4. LGG|sai
5. fubuki
5. nasser
7. Mr_Baldy
7. NASR|Shark Teeth

Kuwait Battle Royale 2018 Smash Top 8
1. Zash
2. vslash|snack
3. BadApple
4. CoCo|GalaxySpace
5. Scorpion
7. 1UP|SBK
7. ION|emass

Kuwait Battle Royale 2018 KOF XIV
1. vslash|frezzer
2. VersusKSA|Buster Wolf
3. vslash|zantetsu
4. VersusKSA|Alucard
5. fizzie
5. VersusKSA|Maxato
7. qcfp|badoor
7. qcfp|wubster

Source: Jayrock GamingChallonge