Overwhelming Emotions, Accolades and Apologies, On God Of War's Biggest Day

News // God of War // By pets_torrefranca // 21 April 2018

Overwhelming Emotions, Accolades and Apologies, On God Of War

Sony has finally unleashed God Of War, one the year's most anticipated and best-reviewed PS4 exclusive game of the year so far. With a title this big, it's hard to oversee the impact the masterpiece has made on the gaming populace including the various reactions/emotions expressed during its biggest day.  With that being said, let's take a sneak peek at some of these moments.

 Cory Barlog Video Reaction Screengrab

The Humble Craftsman's Message: "I didn't F***K it up"
Cory Barlog recently posted an emotional review reaction video dedicated to his son. The video shows the Director expressing his sincere appreciation, humility and perhaps disbelief on the video game industry's overwhelmingly positive response to the game which he and his team worked for in the past 5 years. The pre-recorded video shows the director looking at the average Metascore of 94 from the first 54 critics. The game currently has an average of 95/100 from 96 critics made up of 96 positive response with no mixed or negative. Even last year's The Legend of Zelda: BOTW which has an average Metascore of 97/100 did not achieve such response as it managed to get 3 mixed response and 106 positives from 109 critics.      

There's not much to say about Cory Barlog that is not known to the video game community. This humble craftsman has been a big part of the God of War series, from a lead animator of the very first installment to a game director on the second and being a part of the early stages of development of the third. Cory also helped create the new Tomb Raider under Crystal Dynamics, that version went to become one of the best-selling title in the series.

God of War Accolades Screengrab 

The Accolades for The God
A 30-second accolades trailer was uploaded for the God Of War, featuring some of the reactions from the gaming industry's most respected critics. 30-seconds won't be enough to showcase the positive reactions to the game but just like its director, the game stayed humble as expected.


Freeze Frame
Sony has also announced that the game will be getting its very own photo mode. A feature that will capture a 360-degree angle not only of the game's beautifully crafted environment but to its jaw-dropping action as well. The feature is going to be a free post-launch DLC.

IGN's instagram post Screengrab 

Apologies For Overhyped Reactions
Being a PS4 exclusive, its hard not to create a comparison between the later and its greatest rival; the Xbox One. Though one of the comparisons posted by IGN may have been offensive to some members of the video game community. The post shows a comparison between the PS4 and Xbox where God of War was shown on the Ps4's side and a blank slate on the Xbox's side asking viewers to spot the difference.

The post led to an apology issued by IGN's editorial team who labeled the post as unprofessional and classless. An apology that was quickly accepted by the Xbox team. Xbox has been very professional in the overwhelming reception of God of War, in fact, Phil Spencer has sent a congratulatory tweet to Sony and Shuhei Yoshida during the first wave of reviews went online.

That's just some of the memorable moments that took place in God of War's first day. there's nothing more to say about the game except to get yourself a copy to get the full experience. Check out the videos below for more information and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

"Cory Barlog Reaction Video"

"God of War Accolades Trailer"

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