Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs 3 Development?!

News // Watch Dogs 3 // By pets_torrefranca // 22 April 2018

Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs 3 Development?!

A recent video analysis created by YouTuber and video game enthusiast SilentcOre pertaining to the development of the next installment in Ubisoft's Watchdogs series. The video discussed that Ubisoft may have actually leaked the state of development of the upcoming sequel and the possibility of an E3 reveal may be just around the corner. One of probably most convincing evidence of the game's development points out to Ubisoft's virtual assistant SAM where the game is actually programmed into the AI's database of response. Shown in the video is a conversation between an anonymous user and SAM (see screengrab below).

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Watch Dogs 3 leak Screengrab

The latest installment on the series; Watchdogs 2 has been positively received by both critics and gamers alike despite the game's online multiplayer connectivity problems during launch. It would be another great game to look out for if the game gets announced at the upcoming E3 conference. But until the game gets revealed, this is still considered as a rumor for now. Check out the accolades trailer for Watch Dogs 2 and SilentcOre's video below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates. 

"Watch Dogs 3 Leak Discussion Video"

"Watch Dogs 2 Accolades Trailer"

Source: SilentcOre, Ubisoft