Mastercup 9, The World's Largest Tekken Tournament Returns!

Tournament // News // By pets_torrefranca // 01 February 2017

Mastercup 9, The World

The world's biggest gathering of Tekken players returns this November 4, 2017, tournament and to celebrate 10 years of competitive Tekken gaming as announced by the official Mastercup page.

The Mastercup is an annual tournament dedicated to Tekken players all over the world. The first tournament was organized in 2007, which started with 39 teams and 195 players. The tournament was held annually until 2010's Mastercup 4 with 107 teams with 535 players in attendance.

Mastercup participants

The next two tournaments were held in 2013 (Mastercup 5= 125 teams, 625 players, and 6= 125 teams 625 players) followed by Mastercup 7 in 2014 with 176 teams and 880 players. The 2015 Mastercup 8 is the biggest so far with 187 teams composed of 935 players. The last Mastercup was dominated by DW Superstar ft. Twitch.

Mastercup 9 is said to become the biggest of the Mastercup series of tournaments. It is said to surpass the current record set by Mastercup 8. This going to be one of the most anticipated Tekken 7 tournament for this year.

 Check out the MasterCup 8 tournament below. 

"Mastercup 8"

Source: MasterCup, AvoidingthePuddle