FFVII Remake Development Team Is Creating Something We've Never Seen Before

News // Final Fantasy VII Remake // By pets_torrefranca // 08 May 2018

FFVII Remake Development Team Is Creating Something We

Three members of Final Fantasy VII Remake's development team made up of Director Tetsuya Nomura, Producer Yoshinori Kitase, and Project development Leader Naoki Hamaguchi disclosed the state of the game's development during Final Fantasy's 30th Anniversary Exhibition in Japan. The panel discussion was in Japanese, however, WCCFTECH got hold of a translated version that was recently uploaded in one of the forums of Lifestream. The translation shared descriptions related to the game's character design and possible new footage in the near future.

"Hamaguchi will often work on the game til late night, and send messages to the others at 03.00 at night etc. They're adamant they're making "something we've never seen before" and asks us to "be excited". Excerpt from the transcribed translation by Lifestream member hian

It was also stated during the panel that the team is basically "cramming a bunch of stuff" into the game and that the development is progressing smoothly. Also, the team also states they are currently working out the game's "base technology" which refers to the base-gameplay of the game. It may be safe to speculate that a new footage of the game will be shown in the upcoming E3 2018. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"FFVII Remake PSX 2015 Trailer"

Source: WCCFTECH, PlayStation