Knee And Tokido Dominates BAM10, Local Team Fursan's Verloren Gets Third Place

Tournament // Results // By pets_torrefranca // 20 May 2018

Knee And Tokido Dominates BAM10, Local Team Fursan

One of Australia's biggest fighting game event BAM 10 which served as host for Tekken World Tour's Master's Event and a Ranking Event for Capcom Pro Tour was recently concluded. And as usual, the event has produced some of the most exciting matches in fighting games to date. 

Battle Arena Melbourne TWT Top 3

TWT's Master's event was dominated by ROX|Knee who faced FOX|Saint during the grand finals.  FOX|Saint climbed his way up from the losers bracket hoping to get a second chance at Knee who beat him with a 3-0 victory during the Winners Finals, however, his attempt was once again put in vain after Knee finally sealed his victory during the first set (3-1) without giving him a chance to reset the bracket.

Battle Arena Melbourne SFVAE Top 3

1. FOX|Tokido
2. RZR|Xian
3. Fursan|Verloren
4. Brandon
5. RB
5. iG|Jiewa
7. VS|Somniac
7. CESC|BKSama

In Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, FOX|Tokido faced RZR|Xian who like Saint has managed to climbed back up from the losers bracket after a 3-0 defeat from Tokido. RZR|Xian also managed to climbed back up to the Grand Finals but was defeated by Tokido during the first set in a 3-1 victory. While local team Fursan Esports Representative Verloren Took third place. So looking at it, both results of Street Fighter V AE and Tekken 7 are identical. Check out the grand finals match in the video below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"BAM10 Tekken 7 Grand Finals"

Tekken 7 Top 8
1. ROX|Knee
2. FOX|Saint
3. UYU|Jeondding
4. Yamasa|Nobi
5. Dimeback
7. Kkokkoma
7. NM|Gura

Source: Couch Warriors, Meloo