OUG Tekken Tag Tournament 2 KOF GCC begins

Tournament // News // Middle East // By pets_torrefranca // 25 December 2015

OUG Tekken Tag Tournament 2  KOF GCC begins

The wait is over for OUG TTT2 Season 2 as it is all set to start today 25-Dec-2015 at Etisalat Academy in Dubai. The grand stage for FGC is set in the Middle East where all the finest of this region's talent will be battling it out for glory.

Players well known in the Middle East are making their appearance at this tournament, some of the names are MJK, Adawi, Sultan and more. Now the battleground is all set and it looks like the fight for the fittest is something the players in the hometown will try to overcome. The hell is all set to go loose at Etisalat Academy.  

The tournament starts at 14:00 hours and will continue until 23:00 hours on day one and the top 8’s will continue the next day from 12:00 hours to 20:00 hours. Any pending registrations will be done at the venue and once the tournament starts we will not be encouraging any more entries. Please be available at the venue 30 minutes in advance. The final brackets will be displayed within 30 minutes from the closing time of the entries.

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