What Critics Are Saying About Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection For The Switch

News // Street Fighter 30th Year Anniversary Collection // Nintendo Switch // By pets_torrefranca // 29 May 2018

What Critics Are Saying About Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection For The Switch

The ultimate collection of classic Street Fighter games made its debut for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch today. The Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection features 12 classic titles together with a museum mode which showcased the history of the franchise. The critical consensus that we're going to look at today will be for the Nintendo Switch version as it's the only version that features the eight-player tournament mode and does not include the free Street Fighter IV pre-order bonus available now for $39.99 which is the same price as the other versions.

"Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection changes how we view game collections by making the match making experience streamlined instead of having us go to each game individually" GamingTrend 90/100

The Nintendo Switch version of the game is currently getting an excellent Metascore of 81/100 made up of 12 Positive and 3 Mixed responses from 15 critics. Most of the game's accolades are directed to the game selection and its museum feature. Some of the critics, however, called-out some issues pertaining to the Switch version's directional controls which are said to have been "crippling" the version. 

"My only regret is that the Switch version I tested is crippled by Nintendo’s directional controls. If the Switch title’s portability wasn’t so compelling, the control issues alone would force me to choose another platform — Ultra Street Fighter IV would be another good reason to look elsewhere." GamesBeat 85/100

Despite its control issue, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for the Switch is highly recommended by the critics. There was no mention of the pre-order bonus or its exclusive mode was really emphasized. This massive collection will not only provide a fresh experience for the previous games in the series but also provides a history lesson about the epic franchise which helped define the entire fighting game genre. Check out the launch trailer of the collection below and stay tuned for more gaming news and updates.

"Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection Launch Trailer"

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